Jumat, 16 April 2010


I went to DRAWMA opening art exhibition at RURU (Ruang Rupa) gallery! RURU gallery invites 3 female artist that developed the art of drawing . Marishka Soekarna, Pink Girl Go Wild, and Monica Hapsari. Each has its own distinctive style to explore the art of drawing to different type of medium. In RURU Gallery exhibition this time, 3 artists will feature latest exploration from their drawings. It is not a collaboration work, but 3 attempts to make a “space” for themselves through the art of drawing.
My favorite one is Monica Hapsari's artwork, not because she is my friend, but I think her artwork are very unique and fashionable. Illustration on the canvas with beads on it! I love it!

Chia, Gilang, and Monica Hapsari in front of Digital print on allumunium steel and magnet by Monica Hapsari

Me, Monica Hapsari, and Gilang

This is my favorite one. All the glitters' not gold, illustration on the canvas with beads on it by Monica Hapsari. Very Unique!

Sketches on mole skin agenda paper by Pink Girl Go Wild

by Pink Girl Go Wild

Acrylic on book cover by Marishka Soekarna

Acrylic on book cover by Marishka Soekarna

For more info about DRAWMA.

Rabu, 14 April 2010

For The First Time..

For the first time I've tried to make a cake, Rainbow cake. Hmm.. My first rainbow cake is somewhat FAILED! Hiks. But, my boyfriend says it was delicious.. :') I dedicated that cake to my boyfriend, because today is his Birthday! I wish my boyfriend a very happy 23rd Birthday!

Today i got this cool ring! I really love it!!

And also for the first time i had received a creative blog award from blogger, Karina. Thank you! It means a lot to me! :)

Sabtu, 10 April 2010

Super Dragon Roll!

Yesterday, Me, Abeth, and Ria tried to make sushi and I want to share some photos :D

My dog, Pogo also wanted try to making sushi ;p

For the recipe, click : Bubba Cookle

Goodnight, people! Super super tired!!