Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

Mr. Good

In a book store. .
Little Girl: Mom, Mr. Good! *showing Mr. Good book*
Mom: What do you know about Mr. good?
Little Girl: Ummm... I don't know. But, I think he is good..

Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

Peaches & Lace Giveaway- Winners!

Congratulations to Nerissa and Vivienny !! You will be getting your peache&lace's soon! Thank you everyone who entered! There will be more giveaways so keep your eye out for them soon.. :D
Have a good day everyone!

Peaches & Lace

Selasa, 14 Desember 2010

Peaches and Lace, "Braid My Lace" - SOLO EXHIBITION AND GIVEAWAY

Hello, Meylanie and me had an accessories line. We named it, Peaches & Lace. Our very fist collection is Braid My Lace. For the first launching, we're making a solo exhibition and giveaway. Here are the requirements:
1. Tell us what is your favorite from our first collection and why? And also tell me why you would like to win.
2. Follow our blog in Peaches & Lace
3. Follow @beatrixhapsari and @meyLaniee, the people behind Peaches & Lace to get more info & updates about our products.
4. Post about this giveaway on your blog and twitter.
5. This giveaway is opened until 10 january 2011.
6. Please put each entry in separate comment box or the entry will be unvalid.

There will be two winners. Follow the requirements, and you will get your favorite item from Peaches & Lace. Your favorite item is your winning item. Don't forget to make sure you leave a valid email address or a blog link so I know where I can find you if you turned out to be the winner.
This giveaway is open to Indonesia residents only.
Braid Shawl.

Braid Tail.

Summer Braid.

Two Face.

Retro Lace.

Minggu, 26 September 2010

Surprise Eid Gift for My Friends

Ummm... I know it's too late, but, I want to wish everyone a very happy Eid. Anyway, I made a cake pop as an Eid gift for my friends and I decorated each cake pops with their names. I love my friends :)

Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

Cake Pops!

Yes, this is my first time for decorating cakes. What do you think, is it cute? Ohh, makes me don't wanna eat it. Btw, i made this cake for birthday girl, Nandha. Happy Birthday Nandikaaahhh!

Rabu, 04 Agustus 2010

Electric Chic

Yesterday me and my friend, Ninda made some necklaces. Very interesting. What do you think about our necklace design, guys? Ummm.... I think i'll start my own business with Ninda and Meylanie.
This one is Ninda's design
The Materials

Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

Little Reunion.

This evening I went to Canteen Plaza Indonesia to meet up some ex office friends. I do miss the times during which I worked at a+ Magazine! Even only a Graphic Design intern, but it was very impressive! I love you, a+!
I really love Bianca's ring!
Fried Mushroom
Me, Dita, Putri, and Bianca

Super tired! Goodnight, people :)

Kamis, 11 Maret 2010

You Must Hear This Song!

Accidentally found this video on Youtube! The Antlers - Two. AWESOME!

Selasa, 09 Maret 2010

Sweet Dreams by Kirsten Lepore

I really love all of Kirsten Lepore Videos!! Especially, Sweet Dreams! Amazing story, really good animation!
Stunning. A work of extreme excellence!
Get more videos from Kirsten Lepore by visit: or

Senin, 08 Maret 2010

Across The Night

Across the night
It was the moon that stole my slumber
Across the night
I fell in love with people sleeping
And hugged a man's arthritic shoulder

I fell tired, asleep in a golden ocean
Your eyes perspired, a spike in my fascination

I don't mean to make you cry
But this feeling will run right through the night
And I'll only make you cry with these feelings

Sleepless, untamed without a leash on the light around me

So let us be married and have another baby
Coz I don't wanna be lonely I just wanna be alone
Yes let's just get married shouting baby, baby, babies
You'll never sleep at all
But I don't wanna be lonely

Never seen the sunshine
From higher points than sunrise


This song is really cool!